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Increase Sales! Haul Biodiesel With a Retrofitted Petroleum Tank

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Looking for an edge that will help you be more profitable in the competitive trucking industry? The use of biodiesel is growing rapidly in the Midwest. Insulate a used petroleum tank so you can haul biodiesel—get more out of your equipment and increase your hauling versatility!

Use of Biodiesel is Growing Fast

Production and use of biodiesel is on the rise. There are biodiesel plants in almost every state in the country. Biodiesel is the first EPA-designated Advanced Biofuel to reach one billion gallons of production in 2011, and again in 2012. There are a number of advantages to using biodiesel fuel that are driving its increase in popularity:

  • Biodiesel is made from domestically produced, renewable organic materials. It is less toxic than table salt, and biodegrades faster than sugar.
  • Because it is not a fossil fuel, it reduces dependence on foreign oil and strengthens the nation’s energy security.
  • Feedstocks (oils and fats) provide the majority of biodiesel sources, with soybean oil derivatives making up about half of the U.S. biodiesel production.
  • Biodiesel burns cleaner than regular diesel and produces fewer emissions.
  • A U.S. DOE study showed that the production and utilization of biodiesel resulted in a 78.5% drop in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The use of biodiesel requires little or no engine modifications.
  • Biodiesel has similar horsepower to diesel, faster ignition, and is a natural engine lubricant.

Grow Your Business Now: Retrofit Your Petroleum Tanker to Haul Biodiesel

Being able to haul biodiesel can give your trucking firm a profitable advantage in the marketplace. According to TLR energy, a major energy consulting firm, Cellulosic (plant-based) biodiesels are predicted by the I.E.A. (International Energy Agency) to supply two thirds of motor fuels by the year 2050. Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why Do I Have to Retrofit My Petroleum Tanker to Haul Biodiesel?

An aluminum 406 tank is technically all you need to haul biodiesel. However, biodiesel will gel (freeze) in cold weather. (Its gel point is higher than that of petro-diesel.) So cold climates like the Midwest require an insulated tank. A new dedicated biodiesel tank is a major investment. But retrofitting a used 406 aluminum tank is a great way to expand your fleet flexibility and be able to haul both petroleum and biodiesel fuel all year long. Plus, you generally save 75% over the cost of a new biodiesel tank.

Stuart Tank is the Midwest Leader in Retrofitting Aluminum Tanks for Biodiesel

We are experts at custom fabrication. Our large and well-equipped facility means we can easily and quickly handle your insulation project so you can get your tank on the road and make more money. If you don’t have a suitable used 406 aluminum tank, we have an extensive inventory to choose from. Call us today at 888.204.7872 to learn more about insulating your aluminum tank to take advantage of the growing biodiesel industry.